Re: {Collins} Redemption

Many years ago, I helped a friend clean out the radio gear of his deceased ham father.  I sold many items for him and gave him all the money.  There were a few items, however, that I wanted for myself.  Those included a new in the box Elmac AF-67 and two new gold Vibroplexes.  At that time, I did not know whether I wanted to spend the money to purchase them.  My friend offered to give them to me, but I told him to hold on to them and I would research the value.  After talking to the local radio shop, I determined the value and called my friend back.  Alas, he had thrown them in the dumpster, thinking I did not want them.  I did not sleep well that night.  I did change my philosophy.  When someone insists upon giving something to me, I take the item immediately, then argue about compensation afterwards.  What bothered me was not that I did not get those items, but that they went into the trash.  

A few weeks ago, a friend e-mailed me a photo of something he had found in the trash receptacle, thinking I might be interested in it - because it had knobs and a dial and looked like a radio.  It was a beautiful Collins 75A-4.  He sent it to me and it arrived recently.  It is pristine, with no modifications and no scars.  In fact, it is better than the one I already own.  

Now, at last, I can forget about the radio that was thrown away, and think about the one that did not.  Life is good - when you have friends who find old radios in the trash.

73,  Colin  K7FM

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