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I am forwarding this Cruise newsletter to the Collins Reflector for the
benefit of any of you Collins Collectors who are thinking about joining us,
but have not signed on yet to give  you additional information about the
Cruise.  There is still time  to sign-up and cabins still available, but one
thing that can't too long to do is get your pass port.

We plan to have a KWM-2 and operate using the  W0CXX call sign, "other"
radios will also be available  for your use.

If you have any question, contact me or any of the sources listed in this
new letter.

73 Butch

Good Morning,

     Welcome to the third of seven pre-cruise newsletters on and about our
upcoming seven-day adventure on Holland America’s Eurodam.

*On Board Amateur Radio License Testing*

     The Sunnyvale VEC and VEs of QCWA Chapter 11 look forward to providing
a test session during the cruise.

     If you have friends on the cruise that want to be licensed or if you
want to be upgraded, we will cover all FCC elements and some administrative

     Unfortunately, we are not set up at this time to do vanity calls.

If there is enough interest, we will provide some directions on saving money
by "Do-It-Yourself" renewal, change of address, and vanity calls using the
FCC ULS system on-line.

     Pre-registration is not required but will allow us to insure that we
have sufficient elements for everyone at the same time.

     For anyone taking the test, we will provide some practice exams for
them to review before the exam date.

     On-line sample exams are available prior to the cruise through links on

*Exam session requirements:*

A. SVEC Exam fee for 2009 is $10.00 cash per session (for 1 to 3 exam

B. Photo ID and one other ID required.

C. Amateur Radio License and/or CSCE's from a previous test session, *Original
and a photocopy*

E. Bring your FRN number (SSN, if no FRN).

*Non-Exam Services:*

A. Administrative Fee is $6.00 cash! ID and FRN# required.

B. We will provide form for License renewal and/or change of address.

C. Old, Technician Plus to General upgrade without taking an Exam, you must
show proof your Technician Plus was issued before 3/21/1987.

Questions or Interested in taking the test(s):  Contact Al WB6IMX@xxxxxxx

*Activities on-board the Eurodam that requires payment*

*   *Holland America’s Eurodam as with most other cruise ships is a cashless
society. Purchases of items on the ship such as Liquor from the bars; books,
clothing, personal toilet articles, a massage in the Spa, beauty shop
visits, island tours and other such expenses are made with your on board
credit card. This card is a picture ID credit card that is made when you
check in to board the Eurodam on Saturday, October 24, 2009. This card is
also scanned whenever you leave or board the ship and may serve a duel
purpose as your cabin key. Or maybe that is triple purpose – Credit Card; ID
Card; and Room Key. Enough already!

     Holland America has set up an Online Check-In procedure to make our
embarkation move even smoother when we arrive at the ship. Go to
www.hollandamerica.com; in the middle of their home page under the title
Quick Links, hit the On Line Check-in button. You will arrive at a page that
asks you to Create Your Account and to *Click Here*. Just follow the
instructions and you will be able to print out your Boarding Pass(es)
sometime during the month of September.

     The Signature Boarding Pass will help expedite your check-in at
embarkation by providing Holland America Lines (HAL) the information they
need with their encryption technology specifically designed to keep your
information secure.

     If for some reason you may need a little assistance with completing
your On Line Check-In or have a question concerning it, please call HAL at

*Operating the ICOM Transceivers in CW Mode*

     The IC-7800 and IC-7600 HF stations will have only microphone, so if
you plan on using them in their CW mode you will have to bring your own Key.
Both come with a CW Key Plug. You may want to check with your favorite Ham
Outlet store to see if your key is compatible with the 7800 and 7600.

*Our Visit to the Arecibo Observatory in San Juan*

     I am in contact with the manager of the Arecibo Visitor Center and will
hopefully have all the details ironed out by the fourth newsletter (around
the 4th of July) on the planned trip to see its facilities for those wanting
to partake in that adventure.

*On Board Ham Forums*

     Mikey Hall, WB8ICN is working to offer us a few Amateur Radio related
forums on our two sea days, Sunday, October 25 and Thursday, October 29. We
hope to have listing of topics and presenters by the fifth or sixth
newsletter. If you are interested in being a presenter please drop me an
email and I’ll pass it on to Mikey. He will get back to you to work out your
presentation details.

*Who is coming on the Cruise and how many have signed up so far*

      In the next newsletter I plan on listing just the calls of our group,
unless someone does not wish their call to be listed. And as of the middle
of June we have 117 confirmed booked for our wonderful week on the water.

* *

*If you have any questions, concerns or wish clarification on anything, I
can be reach by email at wa9jmo@xxxxxx; telephone at 262-639-7327; cell
phone at 262-498-9375; and/or by regular U.S.P.S. mail at 5400 Six Mile
Road, Racine, WI 53402-9741.*

* *


* *

*Larry McCalvy, WA9JMO*

*QCWA Cruise Convention Chair*

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