{Collins} KWM-2 help needed: S-Meter and others

Dear all,

just received my first Collins rig, a KWM2, that was owned by Jim Smith
VK9NS. Arrived here in Germany after 2 1/2 months by sea mail. What a
feeling to own this piece :-)

It obviously needs some repair, where I need some help:

1) The S-Meter is not the original one. Maybe someone on the list has
one for sale or knows the range. Could it be a 1mA type? Then I can try
to find a meter that looks similar and make a repro of the scale.

2) The VFO knob is damaged and I look also for a replacement part.

3) At S13 (the wafer just behind the front panel) all cables have been
cut. It is the Antenna Switching one. Guess this does not really matter
for the basic functionality ?

4) V4 (6AZ8) is missing. Is there any replacement-type? This one is not
very common here.

Here is my "master plan" to bring it back to life:

1) Visual examination of the rig to check for lose components, correct
tube types, any damages, etc.

3) Remove the tubes in the PA

2) Apply the tube heating

3) Apply the +275V and try to get the RX working

4) Check the signals up to the PA

5) Insert the finals and try to get the TX working

6) New alignement of the rig

Does that sound reasonable? Any advice is more than welcome!

vy 73 de Stef, DO3SPR

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