Re: {Collins} Meter repair

Well, you may be right, but with a little care, it is not difficult to remove particles with tape. I always try a gentle blast from a computer cleaning air can and Scotch tape before sending any meters out for repair.

My wife wants me to learn to clean and repair mechanical wrist watches. She deals in vintage jewelry. Maybe after I do that, I might try my hand at repairing meters.


Bill Carns wrote:
Weighing in here. If the movement is sticking 3/4 of the way up-scale, then the bit of "trash" is most likely in the movenment rotating gap. There are two possibilities. If it is non-magnetic, then a slight low pressure blow out with dry clean air or a evaporating cleaner will get it out. However, that is a magnetic gap in there and my experience is that the bit of trash is more than likely magnetic and it will not easily blow out unless you get so aggressive that you can damage the meter. If it is magnetic, unless you have the knowledge and tools/skill to overhaul the meter, it is best to send it off. I would not try and get sticky tape anywhere near that gap.

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