{Collins} Navy R-388 questions

I am trying to document Navy receivers at
and have some questions about R-388's procured by the US Navy.

Did the Navy acquire any standalone R-388's - or were they all part of
AN/URR-23A systems (with CY-1235/URR cabinet and LS-199/U speaker).

If you have an R-388 please send me answers to these questions - and also
pass this along to anyone who might be able to help.

Do you have a Navy (not Signal Corps) R-388/URR? If so-
1) What does the ID tag say? - what contract number NObsr-xxxxx?
2) Are there 4 screw holes for an additional ID tag to the right of the
center ID tag?
3) Next to the phone jack, do you have a speaker jack or a break-in switch?
4) Do you have any "anchor" acceptance stamps on the top cover or sides?
5) Is there a DIODE LOAD jack on the rear?

Do you have an LS-199/U speaker or a photo of one?
Have you ever seen an ID tag that says R-388A/URR? photo?
Do you have a photo of an R-388 or R-388A being used in a Navy installation?

Nick K4NYW

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