Re: {Collins} Meter repair

On Jun 26, 2009, at 11:18 AM, Dave wrote:

Hi David Et al

I do watch repair myself and have a meter that was damaged in shipment. The ... the pointer is stuck at the 50ma.... I also have a demagnetizer that I could use on it to help free any metal paricles stuck in the pivot.

Here's my opinion, based on modest experience fixing pocket watches and magnetic film recorders:

If you have magnetic material that's in the pivot/"jewel" area, demagnetizing is likely to only make a mess of the hair spring or other parts.

For dirt or trash in the pivot area, loosen the pivot parts somewhat, apply a bit of solvent or cleaner, and blow the stuff out.

For magnetic bits in the GAP between the pole pieces, use the sticky tape trick. For bad cases, remove the magnet and dis assemble the whole thing if possible.


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