{Collins} 30L-1 on the air!

Hello all!

Well, after some rework of a less than average power cord, my 30L-1 is now on the air in conjunction with my KWM-2. All seems in order, and I have no complaints... The unit just came up and worked, right out of the chute. It was not long out of service with the previous owner, so I didn't expect too much trouble, and for once I wasn't disappointed.

But now, having gotten it all working, I move on to some cosmetic issues. The 30L-1 has those nice raised feet, as does my 51S-1, which is at the same operating position. The KWM-2 and 312B-4, however, do not. So I am looking for 4 of those nifty feet extenders. Anybody willing to share?

Also, my KWM-2 has a couple of missing screws, which currently have non-Collins substitutes. So I need two of the little grey flathead screws that go on the front, on either side of the lid. Anybody have a couple of those they would like to sell, trade or ???

Thanks very much to all!

Best Regards,

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