Re: {Collins} 30S-1 Relay hang

Roy, the relay should open immediately.  How are you checking this?  Don't
test it by using your exciter. Try jumpering the control RCA jack on the
back of the 30S1 directly, using clipleads.  I'm guessing the delay is
coming from your exciter and not the amplifier.
Jim W8ZR

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> Subject: 30S-1 Relay hang
> > Please can anyone advise regarding relay hang on a 30S-1 when you go
> transmit back to receive. I have recently acquired this amp and was
> to swap the supply leads to K205 relay. I have done this and there is no
> change .It will hang on transmit for several seconds. Any ideas would be
> greatly appreciated. Thank you.
>                                         73 Roy G3ZIG

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