{Collins} Test Equipment FS + Spectrum Analyzer

HP Spectrum Analyzer (covers 0 to 18GHz) All working bundle $1400
Main Frame T141
IF HP-8552B
RF Sections
HP-8553B 0-11MHz and 0-110MHz
HP-8554B  0-1250MHz
HP-8555B 0-18GHz

Tektronix Equipment

Main Frames (not working - complete)
TEK 7604 $40
TEK 7904 $50

Plug in's all working
TEK 7A26 Dual Trace (have 2 units) $60 ea
TEK 7A18N Dual Trace $60
TEK 7A22 Differential Amplifier $60
TEK 7B80 Timebase  to 10ns $80
TEK 7B85 Timebase with Delay to 10ns $90

TEK Logic Analyzer (fit 5xxx/7xxx mainframes)

TEK 7D01 16 channel with P6451 Probes $200
one NIB set and 2 used

TEK DL-2 16 channel digital latch uses $40
the same probes P6451 (not included)

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