Re: {Collins} 51J-4 filters

I've seen Collins 500 kHz crystal filters with bandwidths in the
hundreds of Hz and the same physical form factor as the mechanical
filters in the 51J-4.  I suspect they could be used successfully.  They
show up on the auction sites more often that you might think.


Michael C. Marx wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I was wondering if anyone knew of any 500KHz filters for the 51J-4 other than the 3 stock filters that they already have?  I'd love to find a filter that is narrower than the 1 KHz filter that is in the radio.  I've searched and haven't been able to come with anything.  It's probably because there isn't, but I thought I'd throw out the question.  
> 73,
> Mike WB0SND
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