{Collins} 51J-4 & 4:1 Knob

Hi Everyone,

A while ago, I bought a 4:1 dial that I want to install on my 51J-4.  I'm finally getting around to installing it but ran into a little snag that maybe someone who has done this before could shed a little light on.  It seems that the shaft is just ever so slightly too short.  I removed the collar that was on the shaft, so that isn't the problem.  When I slide the drive all the way to where it's flush with the front panel, the shaft just barely starts to enter the front bearing.  It needs to go about maybe 1/16 to 1/8 inch further to be fully inserted into the bearing.  Has anyone ever installed one of these on their 51J4 and is there any additional shaft length I can get from taking the shaft loose inside the radio and sliding it out a little?  Or am I going to have to make a whole new shaft?


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