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In the 516F-2 there is a solid wire connected to the rig cable braid. The
other end of this solid wire connects to chassis ground on a nearby lug.
These will break over time by movement of the cable.
This is the ground chassis return to the 516F-2 chassis and will cause
various problems.


Dave Harmon
CCA 97-535
Sperry, Ok.

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I recently bought a KWM-2 which a small none problem. When it is connected
to the 516F-2 AND an antenna which is grounded, all works well. However when
only the 516F-2 is connected funny things happen. I found that pin 3 of the
power connector, which is chassis ground, is not connected to the chassis.
There is a large 902 wire connected to the pin. Does anyone know where this
wire is grounded to the chassis? I have looked but haven't found it yet.
Tnx  Jim  VE3DSR

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