Re: {Collins} [Bulk] KWM-2 ground

That wire is grounded to the M2 chassis on the NB ANT jack and is the source
of much trouble when it corrodes.


Dave Harmon
CCA 97-535
Sperry, Ok.

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Tnz for all the responses but I am referring to the KWM-2 grnd of pin 3 of
the power connector. A large 90 wire, ie white with a black tracer, comes
off pin 3 and goes to the chassis somewhere.
There should be 0 ohms beween pin 3 oand the KWM-2 chassis. I get a
resistance of a few ohms. I pierced the wire with a piece of 22 buss and
grounded it and all works well. But would still like to know where this wire
is grounded to the chassis if someone knows. Sort of a non problem now.
Tnx  Jim  VE3DSR

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