{Collins} KWM-380 To much power out

I have what I think is the last KWM-380 Harry Snider restored. It has every
option including replacement of the power switch with a variable resistor to
control drive.
My normal expectation is the max PEP out is 100 watts or less. Mine has
decided to put out more. I set the drive pot at close to zero and the mike
gain at 9 o'clock and still get 127 to 147 PEP on a PEP Bird and a Wavenode
meter. The Wavenode and the Bird track well so the KWM-380 is pumping. My
concern is blowing the finals.
When the meter is in PF (power forward) the meter just barely kicks - very
small movement. very strange !
BTW the audio is not distorted. I have been on the air with it.
If I turn up the drive control I see even higher output. +200 watts peak.
My guess is there's a final AGC or ALC issue.
Has anyone seen this before? Thoughts?

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