{Collins} S-line/KWM-2 crystals


I have just finished restoring a very tired KWM-2A from ebay. It had 9 separate problems, plus the usual weak+bad tubes! It now works very well, but has one problem: someone robbed it of 6 of the standard band crystals. Yes, I know there are many sources from which I can get new/used crystals for $20-25 each, but I was hoping someone might have a parts S-line or KWM chassis and could sell me these 6 standards for a somewhat kinder gentler price.
They are:
	 3.4-3.6    MHz   6.555
	14.8-15.0           8.9775
	21.0-12.2	12.0775
	21.2-21.4	12.1775
	21.4-21.6	12.2775
	28.0-28.2	15.5775

Any subset of these would also be appreciated!
Fred VE1FA

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