Re: {Collins} D-104

I don't know if it is hams or not. It seems that the vintage/retro microphone look is pretty popular. If you watch many of the editorial channels like FOX or MSNC, you will see retro mics on the desktops of many programs. I rather doubt if they are active, i.e., being used. But they sure look like they belong there!

Bob, KF6BC
On Feb 6, 2010, at 11:59 AM, J. Moen wrote:

> I was watching the 2nd episode of Caprica, a new science fiction series on cable that was spun off from Battlestar Gallactica.  About 55 minutes in, a lady gives a speech and there are two microphones -- both appear to be D-104 heads.  If true, it would be interesting to hear how they got there - perhaps a ham working on the series?
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