{Collins} s-line equipment for sale

kwm2-a ex civil defense radio, $850 shipped
75s-1 receiver $300 shipped
312-b4 station monitor with teflon wiring $225 shipped

U.S. sales only.

i'm thining the herd as i'm concentrating more into vintage tube audio gear
and less in ham radio. these are part of my collection i have hoarded for
lack of better words. i have not used this gear myself and honestly i expect
that they will need refreshing of some kind. they are NOT museum pieces and
have not been powered up in years.

pics here..

all three units have scuffs and usage marks. the civil defense radio has CD
decals on it.


73 de ke4mcl
"contesting on ham radio is like racing ford pintos, win or lose, other
people are still gonna laugh at you!"

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