{Collins} FS: kwm2a RE late

last one guys. i didnt expect the other stuff so go soo quick. im one radio
away from the mcintosh tube amp i want so one of my collins trophies has to
go to make it all happen.

this radio has a rockwell sticker on the back dated 1977. the previous owner
was meticulous. this radio and its brothers lived in a custom console. once
again, its been nothing but a trophy in my collection and i haven't used it
since i purchased it a few years ago. it may need a little refreshing but i
know the guy was on the air when i purchased his collection. this radio has
some kind of waters filter on it. the install looks well done but im
mentioning it so nobody gets a surprise.

large pics here..

$1500 shipped and insured in the U.S.


73 de ke4mcl
"contesting on ham radio is like racing ford pintos, win or lose, other
people are still gonna laugh at you!"

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