{Collins} 75S-3C FS

Greetings to the list,

FS Collins WE 75S-3C, s/n 11xxx, factory original, not a conversion.  CCA VG
at least.  Has T9 and the mu-metal filter cover.  Just aligned.  Only known
flaw is that the fiducial is not quite vertical when calibrated, requiring a
reset of the dial-to-PTO coupler which small job I will leave to the new
owner.  Front panel and knobs are nice, chassis top needs a light cleaning,
and the trim ring and cabinet top front have some paint rubs.  No extra
holes anywhere.  Includes the stock 2.1 kHz filter.  I can supply some extra
crystals, tell me your favorite extra bands and if I have the crystals for
them I'll include them in the sale.  Also comes with one of Bob Hardie's
W5UQ custom fitted dust covers.  Photos available, please ask.  $1400
includes insured FedEx Ground shipping to your 48-state QTH.  Shipping
elsewhere for actual charges.  Thanks for reading and 73 to all,

Mike W2IY

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