Re: {Collins} OT: Radio Mart

 I've seen him on eBay for years.  There has been good and bad remarks and
feedback on him.  Sometimes he disappears and comes up with another name;
then returns under the name of "RadioMart".  

I suggest being careful.  He has some good and some bad stuff.   I bought a
power supply from him for my KWM-2A and it burned up upon first power on.  I
emailed him and he accepted this one back and sent me another.  It lasted
for about 2 weeks and the bias went south.  I just fixed it and replaced all
capacitors and it's it has been great for years.  

Just do your homework and use "Ask a question" to get some sort of written
contract using that so one is not surprised.  And also get a return policy
commitment from him, if you do win.

Caveat Emptor......  Buyer beware!

Don Wareham K4SJ

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Is Radio Mart the notorious eBay buyer/seller?


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