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Yes he is and you should think twice before doing any business with him. His feedback is misleading because now he not only sells under radio-mart, but he is buying under that name which pushes his feedback statistics up. He use to only buy under gottahaveit1995, but when his feedback got too low under radio-mart he began buying under radio-mart in order to keep his feedback statistics up since as a buyer you will always get positives if you pay. He has burned far more people than his feedback would indicate, especially on Collins gear. Take a look at this link and it tells it all:

A major portion of what he sells he buys right off of EBAY and then inflates the condition and history in order to gain a profit. If you look at the number of bids on an item that he buys and then look at the number of bids when he turns around and sells it there is a message there. It is not unusual to see an item with a large number of bids sell and then that the same evening it is re listed. Some items they have been re listed more than once.

You can do an advance search on EBAY and see exactly what he has purchased in the last 15 days. Then look at
the items he has for sale and compare the descriptions and bidding patterns.

If you are selling an item on EBAY you should consider putting him on your blocked bidders list.


At 06:44 AM 2/8/2010, you wrote:
Is Radio Mart the notorious eBay buyer/seller?


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