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If Martyn happens to buy a piece of equipment that is actually in good condx, and sells it "out of his long held collection", then the buyer will get a good piece of equipment, (paying much more than he bought it for) IF he has the decency to pack it well.

A good example of this from a few years ago was when he bought a 32S-3 off ebay, then listed it for sale a few weeks later with ALL the knobs AND the tuning dial in EXACTLY the same positions as they were in the original seller's picture. He of course, unequivocally stated that he had thoroughly checked it out on all bands and functions before removing it from his cherished personal collection.

It is absolutely amazing to me that the guy is even allowed to sell on ebay. The story that Kurt linked to is even more scary. It's obvious that both paypal AND ebay could give a rat's AXX about anything other than their sacred commissions etc.

73' Charlie k3ICH

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I was advised the links were not working so will try again:

This one is the for beginning page of the write ups:

This one for the page of the specific article that I did a cut and past on.

I trust these will work.

Please advise.



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