{Collins} OT: RE: Radio-Mart - eHam links

Anybody in California remember this eBay lack of activity is from the Meg
Whitman days.  Remember that when it's time to vote in the primary if you
are offered her name.

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| Richard:
| I was told by a well informed fellow in the UK that he does not nor
| did he ever hold a valid call sign there and he does not here as
| well. Also, I would certainly question his claim about working for
| the British government. His reputation in the UK
| was as bad as it is here. He operated under the name Multicomm2000
| over there. His radio-mart ID is a UK registration.
| Intially over there he had another EBAY ID with the name
| Multicomm2000 in it as I recall.
| EBAY, quite frankly, condones his questionable activities for the
| almighty dollar.
| I do not want to turn this into a big thread so will end my
| discussion on the matter.  I think we all know what we need
| to.
| Kurt
| At 10:51 AM 2/8/2010, you wrote:
| >I met him near Georgetown, KY to return an item that he said worked
| >but did not.  I got the money back.  He lives near Georgetown.  He
| >told me he was British and used to work for the British government
| >(MI-5??).  I do not find him on QRZ.  He may be using his British
| >call sign here under CEPT.
| >
| >C. Richard Pumphrey wn9ddv
| >
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