Re: {Collins} Radio Mart

I have never bought anything from this guy, and most likely will not.
He does get top dollar for his stuff.

But with almost 15K feedbacks, there must be a lot of "suckers" out
there. I did read a couple of his negative feedbacks and they struck
me as guys who would complain if hung with a new rope !!

As in any dealing on e-Bay, the prime directive is Caveat Emptor. That
place is full of bandits (at worst) or word-smiths (at best). What
triggers my warning bell though is the lack of comprehension of the
Kings English. Some of the listings are laughable.

73, Dick, W1KSZ

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>I always enjoy discussions about Martyn.  I bought three things from him
>before I learned my lesson.  The first purchase ( a Collins s-line
>speaker) was OK, the second a Drake TX4-B was DOA, and remains as such
>to this day.  The third was a Drake R4-C with all the Sherwood mods.
>The pictures looked great, unfortunately they were not from the radio I
>purchased.  I played Martyn, and got him to refund part of the purchase
>price which was equal to the mods the unit was actually missing.  That
>was the end.  Whenever I see that grey background on a picture, I
>chuckle, and move on, knowing some sucker will bite on the unit
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