{Collins} For Sale: 75S-3c Receiver (round emblem)

Hi Gang,

I'm selling a round emblem 75S-3c receiver (s/n 13548 and MCN 1206) that I
acquired a few weeks ago from the estate of a local collector. (Had to buy
several radios to get the one [an SX88] I really wanted.) The date code on
the power transformer is 6725 (1967).


Electrically, the radio appears flawless. I've checked all tubes and
completely aligned it. I've also done a side-by-side comparison with my
other RE 75S-3c, and the two radios perform identically on all functions and
meet all specs. The radio is all-original, with no modifications or replaced
components. The power cord is original and doesn't show any cracking. The
receiver has the stock supplied SSB filter, and the supplied ham band
crystals. (Slots 10B and 10C are vacant.) The pots are not scratchy, the
switch detents are firm, and the dial is smooth. There's only about 1/2 kHz
end point spread in the PTO.  I've run the radio for about ten hours on my
workbench over several days to make sure no intermittent problems developed.


Cosmetically, I would describe the overall appearance as very good, but not
excellent.  The front panel is excellent, with no scratches or rub marks.
There are some minor fingernail scratches on some of the knob inserts. The
radio had been unused for several years and was quite dusty when I got it. I
cleaned out the dust from the chassis with Q-tips and to me it now looks
fine, but not spotless. A buyer could leave it as is (which is what I would
do) or spend a couple of hours really cleaning the top chassis. The
underside is very clean and needs nothing.


The cabinet has a few minor scuff marks on the left side, and a few small
paint chips on the bottom and some of the edges, but no dents.This is a
radio that looks very presentable. The most serious cosmetic faults are: (1)
the serial number tag is partly worn away, but I could read the serial
number with a magnifying glass. (2) A previous owner cut a small half-moon
out of one of the rear cabinet cutouts, for reasons unknown. I can't imagine
why he did this.  (3) A previous owner scraped his SSN in the rear top of
the trim ring. He didn't go through the paint to the metal, and the number
isn't visible with the lid down. It could be easily touched up, or just


I've uploaded some photos of the receiver to the web and these can be seen

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 I would like $1400 for the radio, plus shipping. CONUS only, please.  Email
me or call me at 505-466-8833 if you're interested. Payment by PayPal or

Thanks and 73,

Jim W8ZR


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