Re: {Collins} send your complaints to office of attorney general

Good for you,you stated it accurately,boycott Radio Mart it is a deceptive,fraudaulent entity....Stu....W2AO

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Date: Monday, February 8, 2010 10:45 pm
Subject: {Collins} send your complaints to office of attorney general
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> Every 3-4 months we go through this same old routine about 
> radiomart - some of us just cannot understand how he can do 
> these things, and then we butt heads with paypal and ebay.
> ebay owns paypal. ebay is after one thing - money.
> money determines what is right. dont expect otherwise, and we 
> are wasting our time to think that it will be any other way. 
> as long as we are chumps to try to swim in these shark infested 
> waters, someone will be taken. 
> Send your complaints to the state attorney general's office. You 
> will get more response from talking to a brick wall than wasting 
> your time talking to paypal and ebay. 
> Learn to live without paypal and ebay. 
> Richard Lorenzen 
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