{Collins} 516F-2 Rebuild Schematic

Several years ago, I posted info on my website about modifying and
rebuilding the 516F-2 power supply, using solid state rectifiers. I've had
many people request a schematic of the modification, and I've finally drawn
one up and posted it on my website. It may be downloaded at


Note that the modifed supply used a replacement power transformer
manufactured by Heyboer Transformer Company
(http://heyboertransformers.com/). The replacement transformers were
specifically designed to work with solid state rectifiers and also to
produce the correct voltages at today's higher line voltages. A quantity of
these were ordered by Bill, K3PGB, as a service to the Collins community and
sold out almost immediately. I've just been informed, however, that Heyboer
retained the original specifications and will supply new transformers.  They
are rather pricey in single quantities ($180 I've heard), but perhaps
somebody can put together a list of buyers and order them in quantity at a
lower price.


Jim W8ZR 

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