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Lately, he has a new trick up his sleeve. He sells Winged Emblem radios as Round Emblem! What is incredible, is that all you have to do is look closely at the picture and you can see the 2 holes where the Winged Emblem was attached. Unbelievable!


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I personally have always looked upon the RadioMart listings as a source of 
amusement; never took him seriously. Statements like "One owner from new" 
and "I bought it from his widow because sadly he died" are always good to 
pick up your day. "I have had this for two weeks now but need to make room 
etc." always provide a good laugh.

As to details of his selling practices I cannot comment because I have 
neither purchased nor sold through him. His poor spelling and use of the 
language are legendary, however.

It is an interesting way to make a living, that's for sure.



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