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These were the “transition” models, Collins had a few face plates left over when they went to the meatball emblem and rather than throw them away they filled in the holes with small Philips head screws and put on the round emblem, this was done on 312B-5’s as well as a number of the “S” line rigs…

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Careful.  If the holes are filled with countersunk screws painted gray to match the front panel, then it's a transitional unit and it came from the factory that way.  For a while in the late 60s, Collins shipped them this way.  I've only seen this on the 75S-3Bs but it may have happened on other units too.

If the holes are not filled in, then I suppose it's suspect.

73, Chris, W2PA

LaBelle, George wrote:
> Lately, he has a new trick up his sleeve. He sells Winged Emblem radios as Round Emblem! What is incredible, is that all you have to do is look closely at the picture and you can see the 2 holes where the Winged Emblem was attached. Unbelievable!
> George

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