Re: {Collins} noisy pots

A buddy of mine recently told me that he found that WD-40 works well on
noisy pots. I didn't believe him and Googled it up, and sure enough there
seems to be a consensus that it works. I'm still skeptical enough not to try
it on my precious Collins gear though. Dare I ask for opinions?

-- Dave WA0TTN

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> Hi All,just a little thing that most already know I am sure.A few pots
> ,volume,RF gain,balance modulator etc have been a bit noisy or drifting
> on various pieces from time to time.
> When the carbon tracks have been cleaned there was no real improvement.
> After putting a couple of drops of Deoxit D5 down between the  knob
> shaft and the sleeve, all became smooth,noise free and stable.
> 73 All from VK4VN
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