Re: {Collins} noisy pots

There are two "schools" where WD-40 is concerned:  Those that "swear by" the product and those that "swear at" the product.  I am among the former.

I have used WD-40 for cleaning potentiometers, switches, etc., for decades.  This includes Collins as well as other manufacturer's equipment.  The "olde tyme" TV repairmen used to use it on the old turret type channel changers and had absolutely no problems.  Back when I owned the Motorola reconditioned equipment center for the south-central United States (from 1970 until Motorola went out of that "end" of the business in 1979) my technicians used WD-40 to clean volume controls, squelch controls, relays, switches, etc.  We had absolutely zero warranty problems from using WD-40.

Now you do need to use those "little red tubes" to control the flow. That is make sure the cleaner goes only where you want it to go.  Also, you do have to be careful when using ANY cleaner, not just WD-40, on wafer type switches.  There are those "el cheapo" types that absorb any cleaner (including DeOxit) and "swell up" causing binding, etc.

When using DeOxit and similar products you really need to lubricate the shaft of the control and so forth.  Otherwise, in a very short period of time (if not immediately) the control will often "freeze" or become very hard to turn.

Glen, K9STH


--- On Wed, 2/10/10, Dave Cook <davepc2@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A buddy of mine recently told me that he found that WD-40 works well on noisy pots. I didn't believe him and Googled it up, and sure enough there seems to be a consensus that it works. I'm still skeptical enough not to try it on my precious Collins gear though. Dare I ask for opinions?


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