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... I suggest you look into De-Oxit.

If you do look into De-Oxit, and you search the website enough, you will find the recommendation that De-Oxit NOT be used on moving contacts such as volume controls and faders*. Caig makes a product specifically formulated for moving contact controls that was called Caig Moving Contact Lubricant (MCL) and is now called FaderLube. See for more information.

I did not do my typical search for quotes and web URL's to guide folks directly to the authentic information. I've lost my patience for that, for this topic at least.

HEY, Fellas!  Dead Horse Number 73.. WHACK, WHACK, WHACK!

*Volume controls of the sort made by the Daven company are a different story: they are a network of fixed resistors and the mechanism is a wiping contact on metal contact points. (Note: These Daven pots are now obsolete and of little use in our hobby. Send them all to me.)

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Morgan's Summary on WD-40:

- WD-40 is mostly kerosene and light oil
- Got an old tractor like my 1951 McCormick? Use WD-40 on it.
- Got a radio of any age or sort?  Don't use WD-40.
- De-Oxit is for metal contact switches and the like. Use it SPARINGLY on your switches. - Caig Pro-Gold is for precious metal switches such as in HP test equipment. - Caig FaderLube is for moving contact carbon film controls such as volume controls

What do to if you want your wife to become a widow:

- Got a two prong fused line cord plug?   Use the plug.

- Got lots of radios with two wire line cords? Throw out all those unused three wire computer cords and don't use them.. use the original two wire cords.

How to apply 155 volts line current to you old radio meant for 115 volts: - use a variac meant for 115 volt line and set up for over voltage operation and accidentally set it full up.

How to blow up an electrolytic like forth of July or fry the power transformer:
- Bring it up slowly on a variac

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