Re: {Collins} noisy pots

In Motorola Area IV there was no caution not to use WD-40!  At least in the 1970 to 1979 period.  Also, when I established the first Motorola owned portable and repair facility away from the Schamburg plant at the Area V office (then in Forest Park) there was no caution not to use WD-40.  This was in April 1966. 

When I was with Collins Radio (at the "new" corporate headquarters here in Richardson, Texas) I was basically in management and therefore was not involved with line procedures.  However, I know that there were a lot of local Collins employees who were amateur radio operators who did use WD-40 to clean switches, potentiometers, relays, etc. on their Collins equipment.

However, one should NEVER use any cleaning solvents when the unit is operating.  Also, you need to allow a few minutes for any solvent to evaporate before applying power.

Glen, K9STH


--- On Wed, 2/10/10, Dave Risik <wa3hsc@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

One last thing to consider is that WD-40 being oil based is conductive. I can flash and burn. 
I was an FTR in Area V for 10 years, the last thing we (Motorola) were to use on pots, connectors and switches was WD-40. Motorola engineering made a point of directing us to use non-flammable, non-oil based solvents and lubricants.
WD-40 has its place in gun cleaning and electric motor repair, etc.,(we used barrels of it in Viet Nam), but it does have issues when used in electronics maintenance.
Bottom line, it does "seem" to work initially and as an emergency remedy, but long term, it does more harm than good.


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