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I would disagree, both the continental European and British receptacles have
safety grounds.  True, some countries don't use a neutral (both lines
float), but some do. So contact with a line to ground is pretty sure to be
sporting, to say the least.  It's pretty tough to get whacked with 230 V in
the US, unless you are unlucky enough to contact both legs.

Scott W7SVJ

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>> II note that the 220 volt prongs in Europe do not have the three
>> wire ground system.  Why should our 115 volt line cords have it if  
>> the 220 volt does not?  Are we smarter than the Europeans?
> Hi,
> I'm not familiar with electrical systems outside the US.  But I have
> two suggestions as to why this is:
> - I think I have seen safety ground connections in the shell of some
> overseas power cords - can't be sure though.
> - I believe that in some (many?) countries that use 220 volts,
> *neither* side of the 220 volt line is actually grounded, nor is the  
> "center".  In the US, one side of the 120 volt and the "center" of  
> the 220 volt lines are attached to the ground at the service  
> entrance. The result is that if you contact the hot line and any  
> ground (for instance a bathtub or wet floor) you get a shock.  This  
> does not happen with the floating service used in Europe.
> Roy
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