{Collins} Removing Pencil writing on aluminum chassis ... Summary

Hello friends,

Here are some suggestions I received on the pencil mark removal query:

/a. Hi Joe........assuming the pencil hasn't scratched the surface, I use a 50-50 mixture of 409 and ammonia for all my chassis cleaning needs. Just tried it on some #2 pencil marks I put on a piece of aluminum and it takes it off. IF there are scratches in the aluminum, that's another story. Wash with water afterwards to remove the ammonia.

b. Try isopropyl rubbing alcohol with a Q-tip. c. I've been using liquid dish washing detergent to clean chassis. It's a strong detergent that contains bleach. Does a really nice job with a little elbow grease.

d. Rubbing alcohol or lacquer thinner, (your choice) will do well. BTW, graphite is corrosive to aluminum over time. Learned that when I built a homebuilt aircraft.

e.   Glue or paint .... allow to dry and peel off.

f. Graphite on aluminum encourages corrosion, one should never use a pencil on aluminum. (aircraft mechanics all know this, or should) If it has been on there for a length of time, the aluminum will show etching, even if the graphite is removed. A mild detergent seems to be the best method, followed by a very thorough rinse.

g.   How about vinegar??

h.   It is graphite.  A solvent should do it.

i. I have found Gum erasers best to use as they do not abrade the aluminum surface like most other types.

*After trying several of these methods (several with good results) I settled on 2 that I feel are very available and safe: 1. 99% Isopropyl Alcohol with Q-tips (need patience and alternating wet and dry Q-tips)
2.   Soft Gum eraser (needs to be fresh and soft)*

As I stated, other methods worked well also, so feel free to work with what you have readily available.

Hope I didn't miss anyone.  I appreciate all who took time to respond.


Joe - KB9R

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