{Collins} 75A3 So Close yet So Far Away

Hello Group  I have completely recapped my 75A3 including Electrolytic and on a preliminary Check-out  It's a No-Go.

I have lost AVC control thus the receiver now overloads on AM unless I use the RF Gain and reduce the radio's overall gain...........But the
strangest symptom is switching to Standby the radio still receives albeit at 1/2 overall gain.

My early measurement on the Can Electrolytic ( C95) are:

R70 mount tab             240 VDC

3 Wire junction           215 VDC

R 71, R72 Junction   - 60VDC

I  am apprehensive to power on measurements per manual but would prefer a Resistance Table which the manual lacks.  Does anyone have
a Resistance Table for tube measurements for the 75A3.  It seems like a Bias problem??

Thanks for possible help.



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