{Collins} KWM-2A Wrap-Up/K6XYZ highly recommended!

Hello All,
      You probably recall I was having problems  with my M-2A  concerning 
low/no output on 80 & 40M. After a
number of good suggestions, I was still having no luck restoring it.
      So, the rig took a vacation trip to  K6XYZ's  shop in Sperry, OK.  
Dave did find the pa load trimmer,  C-153
to be shorted.  We believe this may have been the result of an  excessive 
swr  at the hands of a previous owner.  Dave also discovered  R-157 (62 
ohm/2w) which is in the low B+ line to have been cracked.
       Dave also found 4 weak/leaky tubes and  also replaced the 6146s & 
neutralized the pa.  Dave also found
and replaced a number of marginal capacitors, installed the pto stability  
mod and performed SB8A/B/C which really improves the receiver performance. 
Dave  finished with a complete alignment & check-out.
        Dave kept me advised of his  progress & findings with phone calls & 
e-mails  during the time he  had
the rig.
        The rig returned to service  early Friday morning and I made a qso 
with a station in Seattle on 40M
receiving a 59 report with compliments on my audio.
        To sum it up: Dave's work is  top-notch.  Keep him in mind for work 
on your KWM-2(A) or S-Line!
                                           Vy 73,
                                           Rich WB3JLK
                                           CCA since '96

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