{Collins} More stuff for sale

To all: The following are for sale:
!: PM-2 power supply for KWM-2 complete with a set of rail guides, nuts for chassis and two winged nuts. Fully recapped S/N 12393   $200
2: Set of guide rails only  $20
3: Collins wire in CW xtal filter X455KF300 CPN 526b 7073 010   $150
4: 75S-1 receiver with cw filter, cord, manual on CD S/N  11278. Excellent condition   $400
5: 51S-1 receiver in KWM-2 cabinet with AM, CW, SSB filters and copy of manual. Excellent condition.   $900
Shipping extra on above items. Email jriach@xxxxxxxxxx

Tnx  Jim VE3DSR  AC97-00441

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