{Collins} Collins Equip FS

WE 32S-1 in really good physical condition.
The panel is unmarked and the chassis is clean.
It is the later model with the smooth, not ribbed meter.
This is a project or parts radio because it has some non-standard parts that
could be replaced to make it operational. Untested. 
CCA Grading standard Good.
$250 + ship CONUS

This is my personal radio.
It is in beautiful condition...
The cabinet and chassis is so clean you could eat off the top or bottom.
It is fully functional with all Service Bulletins.
It is up to date with maintenance and is plug and play.
CCA Grading standard Very Good to Excellent.
$850 + ship CONUS

RE S-Line
This is my personal S-Line.
75S-3B. This is the late model with the MU metal cover over the filters and
the factory installed T9 transformer.
Fully functional.
CCA Grading Standard Excellent.

Fully functional and as clean as you are going to find.
CCA Grading Standard Excellent.
This is a very nice loved-on S-Line.
Both units are up to date with maintenance and are plug and play.
Will not sell separate.
$2200 + ship CONUS.


Dave Harmon
CCA 97-535
Sperry, Ok.

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