Re: {Collins} 75A PTO Knob Removal

I'm Sorry Bill and All.  The size I just posted was for the regular knob.

The 4:1 knob uses a 4 flute Bristol wrench .060" which is the Xcelite # 99-62.

Sorry for hitting the enter key before my mind was in gear.

Let me know if I can give you any more confusing info on the 75A-4.


Joe - KB9R

Joe Eide wrote:
Hi Bill,

Well if the knob is a 10:1 then it is probably an aftermarket or different manufacturers knob.

However, if it is the Collins 4:1 knob with the little crank handle, then you need a Bristol wrench size .096" which is a 6-Flute Spline Blade. Xcelite's number would be 99-66. If you try to use an Allen wrench, you will most likely destroy the Bristol set screws.

Hope this helps,

Joe - Kb9R

Bill & Becky Marvin wrote:
Hi Group I'm having difficulty removing the Large PTO knob screws (2). What size set screw wrench does it use?? It is a 10:1 version if that makes any difference. None of mine fit.


Bill KB9IV

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