{Collins} 32v3 help needed

Well it's time to ask for some help.

The other day I fired up my v3, was talking away when the HV dropped off, I let go the key and tried it again, it worked just fine for about 10 or 12 seconds then the HV dropped off. At this point I stopped, and put it on the bench. I found one of the 5r4's in the HV supply had gone bad, the fils were open. So I replaced it and fired it back up. Tuned right up, but after about 15 seconds at full output, one of the 807's starts to turn red hot, the other one seems normal, by the time I notice it, it flashed and blew the HV fuse. I replaced the fuse and all is well other than the 807 turns red hot and I have poor to no audio. I have check all tubes, swapped some of the out and I still have this issue.

Any ideas?

73 Dave w9wrl 3885am.com

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