{Collins} 75A3 Parts & Options for Sale

Hello   I am parting out my 75A3 and Options are for Sale:

Any Parts except the BFO Can, Stby Switch.

Main Kilo Knob & 10/1 Assembly

8R1 Calibrator

3.1 and . 800 Khz Filters F455B Series  (75A3 Series SB 3B must be installed)

Like New 12 Original Knobs.........less the Kilo Knob.......... see above.

Dial Drum with new overlay

PTO working fine

**Universal Service Co.  Model A2-3 Product Detector w/Instructions**

Any offer (without Insult) is fine........... offer will include Shipping.

Any part(s) first come first served.

Email Direct.

Thank you!


Bill KB9IV

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