Re: {Collins} [Bulk] K0CXX On The Air :-) de N7OTQ

Right on Bill!!!

Hey man, it's a long way from those 3840 nightly rag chews back and forth
from California to's one of the few things I miss along with
the guys that were there at that time.

Please join the crowd on 3805 tues and thurs at 2000cst for the CCA
Midwestern Net.


Dave Harmon
CCA 97-535
Sperry, Ok.

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After too many years of moving, building a new shack building, installing
(placing) equipment, putting up new antennas and cabling 250 feet
underground to new shack, building out some operating position entries for
antenna(s), ground, control buss and power, K0CXX, the voice of the, now
relocated, Mogollon Rim Collins Collectors Club, IS ON THE AIR..... for the
first time today.

In a last minute attempt to bring up an S-Line, noisy switches and contacts
etc in the 75S-3C were conquered, no grid drive and then a failed C177 K2
relay driver filter cap were overcome, and K0CXX, with N7OTQ at the
controls, came to life - a bit late for the net I am sorry to say.  I WILL

I am happy to say that a blind "Any Collins guys around still?" on 14.263
brought up Rod Blocksome (K0DAS) in Cedar Rapids on his HF-80 1 kw SS
system.  What a great first Q.

I still have mucho  connectors to put on for antenna cables and cross feeds,
equipment to debug after 5 + years of storage and a lot of stuff to cable
up, so I will be on and off for an while.............But I AM ON !!!!!!

Best regards to all of you and I am looking forward to some good old Collins
Rag Chewing.

Bill Carns, N7OTQ
K0CXX, Trustee MRCCC
Editor Signal Magazine
CCA Acting President & Board Member
CCA # 94-00009, Founding Board Member
Wimberley, Texas
512 847 7010
512 618 2762 (Cell)

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  1st Wednesday AM Net 3.880 MHz-2000 local (ET, CT, MT, PT)

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