Re: {Collins} Product Detectors

I agree with Mike's positive assessment of the Treetop product detector,
including his desire for a slower AVC release time. Unfortunately, that may
be hard to implement. The 51J-X receivers use an unorthodox (and hard to
understand!) AVC circuit, with a high-gain AVC amplifier.  Slowing the
release time is more complicated than just tacking a capacitor onto the AVC

I've played around with various ways to slow down the release time while
preserving the fast attack time, but so far with little success.  As noted
in the Treetop manual, the product detector's time constant is roughly the
same as that in the KWM-2 (which is too fast for my taste).
Jim Garland W8ZR

> Hi All,
> I just installed one of the Treetop product detectors into my 51J-4.  For
such a simple, cheap
> and easily reversible mod, it works just great.  I think that a worthwhile
change to it would
> be to add a slower release time constant for SSB and add a SSB/CW switch
for fast/slow
> release.
> My friend has an R390A that he wants to use with a product detector for
CW.  I remember
> seeing a commercial product which was sold on Ebay and also a website I
think that was
> aimed at the R390.  It was $99 I believe.  My friend is interested in it,
but I can't find it
> anywhere.  Does anyone remember this product detector and who sold it?
> 73,
> Mike WB0SND

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