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Thanks! Found it. For some reason the Google search didn't return anything under "product detector R390". However, his url has changed. It's now He has a new crystal controlled product detector for the 51J or R390 series. I guess one for a 455KHz IF and one for 500KHz IF. It's cheap enough I might try out one on other stuff...... I sent my friend the link. Once again, this listserve has been EXTREMELY HELPFUL!

I'm still in recovery mode from the contest this weekend. Lids shouldn't operate contests....


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There is one advertised in Electric RADIO EVERY Month by andElectronic Speciality Products: and is available for both the R390 and R388/51JX series receivers.
Also Sherwood engineering has one available.

73, Deric VY2DA

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Hi All,

I just installed one of the Treetop product detectors into my 51J-4. For such a simple, cheap and easily reversible mod, it works just great. I think that a worthwhile change to it would be to add a slower release time constant for SSB and add a SSB/CW switch for fast/slow release.

My friend has an R390A that he wants to use with a product detector for CW. I remember seeing a commercial product which was sold on Ebay and also a website I think that was aimed at the R390. It was $99 I believe. My friend is interested in it, but I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone remember this product detector and who sold it?


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