{Collins} Solid State Replacements for 5U4/5R4 in 516F-2 P/S

Collins "S" LINE S/S replacement 5U4/5R4 
I have a new pair of solid state diodes for the Collins 516F-2 power supply. They replace the 5U4 and 5R4 rectifier tubes and allow the power supply to run much cooler and eliminate the filament voltage necessary to power the tubes.
Set of two: $35 shipped to stateside QTH.
Also, I have a complete set of new parts to modify the 516-F2 to accompany the solid state diodes. This was a recommended modification to bring the KWM-2 (2A)B+ voltages to be the same as the tube B+ voltages. Also includes the modification to prevent the meter in the KWM-2 (2A) from slamming against the end stop. $10 when ordered with the diode set pair or $15 if ordered separately. NOTE: These Solid State Diodes and the modification kit is NOT manufactured by, approved by, endorsed by, or in any other way connected with the Rockwell/Collins Company of Cedar Rapids, IA.

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