{Collins} 32s-3 mike gain control

I have a Collins 32S-3 transmitter which I purchased from an individual which stated it worked last time turned on. Unfortunately it didnt work for me. Upon further inspection, I have found that there is a dual control on the microphone gain control that has wires unhooked. It appears someone replaced the control but didnt finish the job. This is a stacked control with a 500k pot and a 2500 ohm pot. The 2500 ohm pot is mounted next to the front panel and the 500k  piggybacked behind it with two posts for the switch. The 2500 ohm pot has two blue wires connected to the center pin and thats it. The 500k pot has one end to ground, black and white to center pin and orange, black to the other end. There is nothing connected to the switch. Also there is a 68k resistor which is connected to the terminal strip directly behind the control with one end not connected to anything. Could someone help me with the colorcoding on this, so I can finish putting back together. Nowhere in my schematic can I find reference to a 2500 ohm pot.

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