{Collins} Mechanical Filters for Sale

(Qty 3)  F455-FD-19 (526-9691-020): These are 455 kHz, 1.9 kHz BW filters,
suitable for use in S-Line receivers. I've tested these in my 75S3-C and
they all work well, with very sharp slopes and no excess insertion loss.  (A
200pF capacitor wired across the filter terminals might minimize passband
ripple, but I've not verified this.)  These filters make excellent narrow
SSB filters and are a nice complement to wider filters. Price:$55/each plus
$5 shipping.


(Qty 2) F-500-B-31 (526-9008-00).  These are standard 500 kHz, 3.1 kHz BW
filters for the the 51J-4 receiver.  I've tested these in my 51J-4 and they
work well. Price: $45/each  plus $5 shipping. 


(Qty 1) F-455-J-31 (526-9089-00) Tested, very nice 3.1 kHz filter for the
75A4. Price: $75 plus $5 shipping.


(Qty 3)  R-390A Filters.   I've not tested these, but would be very
surprised if they have any problems. I'll refund money if any are defective.
$100 for all three, plus 7.50 shipping. Prefer not to separate.


                F-455-N-160   (16 kHz)

                F-455-N-40     (4 kHz)

                F-455-N-20     (2 kHz)


(Qty 1) R-390-A Filter   F-455-N-40. This one is missing its label and is
untested, but the owner marked its 4 kHz BW on the case.  Price:$30 plus $5
shipping, with money back if it is defective.


Payment by personal check or PayPal.


Tnx and 73,


Jim W8ZR


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