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Doug and the group,

I don't know anything about a 204F-1 but I do know about AN/URC-32.  It is the military nomenclature for a KWT-6, which has a pair of 7580W's in the final (mil equivalent of a 4CX250B).  Typical CW output is 600 Watts.  I used to repair these in the USN and have one now.

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> Subject: {Collins} Collins 204F-1
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> Can anyone identify this piece of
> Collins Gear.
> It stands about  4-6 Ft. tall
> It appears to be a transmitter or an amplifier.
> Thanks Richard V. White WD6HDY
> CCA member

If it's what I remember, from having one about 20 years ago, the 204F1 is the 2.5KW amplifier, made to be used with a rack mounted synthesized exciter. The combo was labeled the AN/URC-32 for military (primarily naval) use.

The amp has two fixed tune channels achieved by its having two complete output pi networks that can be instantly switched between two frequencies.

As I remember the finals consist of 2 - 4CX1000A's driven by 6146's.

It's quite an amp, both in terms of sze and the 2.5KW continuous output rating. Don't use RG-8X coax with it...

I think that the CCA website has a 1955 Collins catalog (ground equipment) that shows the 204F1.


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