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OK, You guys are nibbling around the truth, but not quite.

The 204F-1 is not a part of the URC-32 group.

It is however a 2.5 kW amplifier using 2 4CX1000s in the PA.

It is not a two channel fixed tuned amp....That kind of thing goes back to 30K days, but it is:

Manual tuned version of the 204H-1 2.5 kW amplifier which requires 100 mW (Yes, you read it right) in for 2.5 kW out and it is a CADILLAC of an amp. Kind of a 30S-1 on steroids.

In fact if you don't connect the AGC/TGC connections and put about 100 mW in, that amp will whistle up to 5 kW RIGHT NOW..... It is a very conservative 2.5 kW rated amp.

If you would like to see one in action, come visit in about a month. Mine is not hooked up yet after the move. But in place.


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Can anyone identify this piece of Collins Gear.
It stands about  4-6 Ft. tall
It appears to be a transmitter or an amplifier.
Thanks Richard V. White WD6HDY
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